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Re: Theosophy - Active/Masculine

Jan 28, 1999 05:07 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Al wrote:

> I had a very basic knowledge of theosophy and a small understanding of what
> it was all about. But it was the living it, the sacrifice needed resembled
> Christian ethics and morals, which in my view caused restriction (for me, at
> least). I think Jerry hit it right when he said theosophy is the
> passive/feminine and Thelema was the active/masculine. I was starting to
> hide behind the practical of theosophy - not the theoretical aspect.

The issue you have raised is an very important one and very little has been
discussed on this, as far as I can see.

I do not think that Theosophy is "not" active/masculine. It has presented some
basic principles and how actively or passively you implement it depends on

If one recognizes that the purpose of theosophy is to help the suffering
Humanity, then how one can be passive when you see an opportunity or create an
opportunity to give even a very small helping hand in improving the conditions
of our fellow living beings?

I think that the excessive emphasis on the "spiritual" growth towards the hope
of becoming an Adept in far distant future life and neglecting the fundamental
thrust of theosophy is what has made the movement what it is today. Action is
needed here and now and future will take care of itself.

Active implementation of theosophical principles is possible even by a single
person. Great achivements in human history were accomplished by individuals.

I, for one, am always trying to see what I can do to help the Humanity and leave
the "spiritual" growth to take care of itself (and do not look forward for
someone to tell me what to to do in this regard); after all I do not consciously
know of my spirituality as it belongs to non physical realm.

Hope this may put to rest about any misgivings about theosophy.


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