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RE: Bye for now

Jan 28, 1999 04:31 AM
by Al Wilkinson

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> If Alan was allegedly using theosophy as an escapist tool, then he did not
> have a clue as to what theosophy was all about.

I had a very basic knowledge of theosophy and a small understanding of what
it was all about. But it was the living it, the sacrifice needed resembled
Christian ethics and morals, which in my view caused restriction (for me, at
least). I think Jerry hit it right when he said theosophy is the
passive/feminine and Thelema was the active/masculine. I was starting to
hide behind the practical of theosophy - not the theoretical aspect.

> In addition, my readings show that Mr. Crowley did not leave this world a
> happy man.

I didn't think anybody was present at the time of his death. Unless he
communicated with a close friend after death (as Mr Judge did according to a
few recent posts), how can we tell whether he was happy or sad?

Mr Crowley lived a happy life. Did HPB?

> Why would anyone want to emulate an earlier version of Darth Vader?

Who was that? I'd rather (at this time) learn from Crowley and Anton LeVay
than hide my essential self with hypocrisy in living.

Crowley empowered people with freedom to do what they will. This is
progress. No guilt. No fear. No regrets.


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