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RE: Practical theosophy: was DEFENSE OF HPB and moving on.

Jan 27, 1999 12:18 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Hi Peter,

Are we to separate "Friend of Self" from "and also Its Enemy"?

"The Self is the Friend of Self and also Its Enemy"

can lead to the symbol of the interlaced triangles, and the emblem of the
Theosophical Society.


>Hi Tony,
>You wrote:
>> Dear Peter,
>> This sentence from the "Bhagavad Gita," [VI, 5], and which Judge entitled
>> one of his Papers:
>> "The Self is the Friend of Self and also Its Enemy."
>Thanks for that.  I will 'go' and have a look at what Judge says there about
>that phrase, and then reflect a bit.  I am deeply interested in how 'we'
>(meaning the 'individuality', the "I am I") can become a "Friend of Self" in
>our daily lived experience and importantly how we can help each other
>towards "Self working for SELF" as I would phrase it.
>Tony,  would you say something about what this qoute meant for you - perhaps
>in relation to the questions I was asking, or simply just how you understand
>Best wishes,

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