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Or a distraction from the true message of Theosophy

Jan 27, 1999 06:49 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Rich wrote:

> >It was only an example.  But it proves my point, the student has to do
> >tremendous footwork on each and every example from last century that HPB uses.
> >Few people have the time and know-how to do this.  Accompanying notes to last
> >century's people and ideas, as well as technical terms in other languages,
> >would be very helpful to the student.

Tony replied:

> Or a distraction from the true message of Theosophy.
> With "The Secret Doctrine," for example, HPB has done the footwork, wouldn't
> you say, so that we can have the opportunity of studying Theosophy?  This
> was part of the marvellous work she did, enabling us to attempt to go beyond
> the outer to the inner spiritual.
> So if for example, you start working on:
> "Accompanying notes to last
> >century's people and ideas, as well as technical terms in other languages"
> it all helps to keep you away from Theosophy, and all that that might imply?
> The outer man, the inner (Astral?) man, and the inner spiritual man.
> Which do you feel may be leading you to
> "Accompanying notes to last
> >century's people and ideas, as well as technical terms in other languages"?

Daniel comments:

But the question to ask is whether what Rich is encouraging is REALLY "a
distraction from the true message of Theosophy."  It could be a distraction but
again maybe it is not.

Concerning the naturalist Quatrefages:  Since HPB mentions and quotes from his
works on dozens of pages in the Secret Doctrine, why is it a distraction or waste
of time to try to gain *some* background information on this scientist and his
work?  I would suggest that knowing something about this scientist and his theories
might help the student understand (mentally/and-or/intuitionally) more fully what
Madame Blavatsky is writing about.  Is this so bad????????

Another example out of 10,000:  thoughout many of HPB's writings, starting with
ISIS UNVEILED, we find references to Norse mythology, Odin, Thor, etc.  If the
reader knows little or nothing about this Norse (Germanic) literature, then I would
think that many of HPB's comments and insights might go right over the student's
head.  Simply acquainting oneself with the basic knowledge about Norse mythology
might help one to understand HPB's text better.  Is this a distraction from the
true message of Theosophy?

I personally like to read what HPB writes and I try to understand what she is
getting at.  But many times I have to educate myself in this or that subject in
order to appreciate what HPB is writing about.  I believe this is part of what Rich
was trying to convey.

Tony, if this line of study is a distraction for you, then don't pursue the
background information but please don't suggest  that because another sincere,
serious Blavatsky student pursues this line of study that there is something
"negative", etc. about it.

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