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RE: Practical theosophy: was DEFENSE OF HPB and moving on.

Jan 27, 1999 06:51 AM
by Peter Merriott

Hi Tony,

You wrote:

> Dear Peter,
> This sentence from the "Bhagavad Gita," [VI, 5], and which Judge entitled
> one of his Papers:
> "The Self is the Friend of Self and also Its Enemy."

Thanks for that.  I will 'go' and have a look at what Judge says there about
that phrase, and then reflect a bit.  I am deeply interested in how 'we'
(meaning the 'individuality', the "I am I") can become a "Friend of Self" in
our daily lived experience and importantly how we can help each other
towards "Self working for SELF" as I would phrase it.

Tony,  would you say something about what this qoute meant for you - perhaps
in relation to the questions I was asking, or simply just how you understand

Best wishes,


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