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Re: No Subject, No Object

Jan 26, 1999 07:17 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Here's a contribution to the study of consciousness that may serve to open up
> some new lines of inquiry.
> According to Malcolm Brown in a New York Times article (Tuesday, July 22,
> 1997), Dr. Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva in a recent experiment
> has demonstrated that paired particles at a great distance apart are in
> communication with each other and make identical decisions instantaneously
> when faced with a similar choice.  This implies that the communication between
> the particles traveled faster than the speed of light.

	There are other explanations.

> However, the experiment may have proven much more than is apparent at first
> glance.  Here is one analysis of the results that may possibly lead us to a
> new theory of consciousness as well as to a further understanding of the
> mechanisms of conscious awareness (that is partially explained by my ABC*
> theory) and may add a new wrinkle linking classical physics with quantum
> mechanics.

	Actually, not with the current scientific paradigm. The current
scientific paradigm requires the removal, as far as is possible, from
the factor of consciousness entering any experiment, which more or less
guarantees that scientists will never find it.

	In any case, the current popular explanation is that when action is
taken against the first particle, another is created moving backwards in
time, back to the creation of the two particles, and that is what causes
the 2nd particle to change.


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