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RE: Astrology question

Jan 26, 1999 12:02 PM
by Bazzer (Paul)

Dear Bee,

It may have been mentioned in a previous posting, but there is an
interesting article entitled "The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac" by T Subba
Row.  First published in the "Theosophist", Vol III, November 1881.


"What then is the real origin of these signs, the philosophical conception
which the Zodiac and its signs are intended to represent?  Do the various
signs merely represent the shape or configuration of the different
constellations included in the divisions, or, are they simply masks designed
to veil some hidden meaning?".

The Wizards Bookshelf re-print of the article (in pamphlet form) states:

"This edition has been typeset in the greatest care to duplicate exactly
that of 1881, even to errors and accent marks, paragraphs and indentations.
Pagination could not be duplicated, as the original format was two columns
on 9x12 sheets.  Curiously, it came out to 12 pages, with 'the two reasons'
on page 2, 'the 4 rules' on page 4, sign 'V' on page 5, sign 'VI' on page 6,
'VII' on 7, etc. Such coincidences are interesting".

Best wishes,

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