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Re: Re: Rich asking about Quatrefages

Jan 26, 1999 10:58 AM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/26/99 11:26:22 AM, Tony wrote:

<<>Accompanying notes to last
>century's people and ideas, as well as technical terms in other languages,
>would be very helpful to the student.

Or a distraction from the true message of Theosophy.
With "The Secret Doctrine," for example, HPB has done the footwork, wouldn't
you say, so that we can have the opportunity of studying Theosophy?  This
was part of the marvellous work she did, enabling us to attempt to go beyond
the outer to the inner spiritual....So if for example, you start working on:
"Accompanying notes" it all helps to keep you away from Theosophy, and all
that that might imply? >>

No, I wouldn't say HPB did the footowrk for us.  She gave us the merest
outline, with lots of hints and pointers.  No, notes on the "outer meaning" of
terms don't distract from the message.  If so, the S.D. is full of
distractions.  Have you glanced at the book lately?  :)

I've taught many years of study classes on the S.D.  For most people, the book
is a nightmare of foreign terms, dead scientists and their forgotten 19th
century theories.  If my method of work doesn't appeal to you, so be it.  I
have found that it helps newcomers as well as myself, because knowing the
*basic* meaning of things, we can then see the *additional* or *esoteric*
meaning which HPB is pointing at.

I really don't care to argue this further.  Good luck with your method of work
and your point of view.


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