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RE: Altering Facsimile Works -- *no*

Jan 26, 1999 03:12 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Rich,

You make some very good points and I am aware that you are trying to balance
honouring the original teachings as given (the esoteric doctrine contained
therein) along with bringing out other information with the hope of
supplementing and clarifying the teachings in order to help the earnest
student in his / her endeavours.

My addition is that we should bear in mind that the main thrust of the
teachings is to stir the "inner man" as HPB calls it.  The origin of words
and the latest scientific formulations are very much the realm of the "outer
man".  Even if one were an expert in the outer world knowledge it offers no
gaurantees of grasping the 'inner note', for that we rely on our spiritual
intuition alone.

> Because I was trained by ULT methods for ten years, I also grew up in
> Theosophy expecting absolute infallibility of the Mahatmas, not merely in
> their Knowledge (which I still pretty much cling to, so far) but
> also in their verbal and written expressions.

Yes, I have a flavour of what that could mean, though I haven't myself had
the sense of the verbal and written expressions being infallible.

> I have come to realize that the process of
> giving Theosophy to the world was
> complicated and fraught with difficulty.

It obvously still is!!

> BUT, if we are truly in search of Truth,
> it is time we also recognize our responsibility to
> investigate, question, and yes, even
> adjust and correct certain things when it
> makes a more perfect whole.

I admire your passion to search for the truth.  The way this works for me is
that I believe our primary responsibility is to get to the 'inner' meaning,
to lift our consciousness to the 'level' of higher manas (and above) and
encourage others to look beyond the written word, the outer form,  to the
ideas, principles and 'inner life' behind it.

> As I have pointed out, having this "Eye Doctrine" can
> be of tremendous help to understanding what is new and
> important in what the Mahatmas are doing with the "Heart Doctrine."
> (Although this Eye Doctrine is not the point, I admit
> -- it is merely a stepping stone, but often an essential one. I
> am *clear* on this point.)

Well, I guess this is one of the things that is so challenging and
potentially rewarding in this work - when we find our own sense of clarity
and conclusions are not shared by other students, equally as serious,
passionate for the truth, and as 'knowledgeable' as ourselves.

Rich,  you mention your own proficiency with certain languages and point to
all the other languages cultures, myths, scientific thought, let alone the
esoteric traditions, refered to in the SD.  When one thinks of the huge span
of that work it really is quite staggering isn't it.

 > It is also a fact that if we leave people SOLELY to their own
> intuition and reason, they will not have access to lifetimes
> of Theosophical study.  This seems cruel to me, and a great
> waste of effort, and overly fearful.

I can understand you thinking that.  "SOLELY" wasn't quite the meaning I was
hoping to convey.  Although bearing in mind the 3rd fundamental proposition,
that says we each must progress by  own self devised and self induced
efforts, I wouldn't entirely rule out that meaning.  However, I offered it
in the sense that our intuition and reason can help us to know when to look
further afield for further information or clarification, if needed.  I find
this an optimistic view rather than a fearful one.   The works of others can
be very helpful in this, as you rightly point out.

> Why should not our many experienced Theosophists share what they know?

Of course, hence my encouragement to you in a previous post to put your
energy into this project *if* you genuinely believe in your heart that it
will be of help to others.

> I am aware that this presents a major philosophical debate, and I am not
> prepared for weeks of argument.  It is simply my opinion, and I
> have given my reasons.

I respect your view Rich.  It is a potentially valuable debate, as it is
about Right Motive, Right Effort, Right Knowledge,  - all ingredients of the
Buddha's Eightfold Path.  And to get the approach 'right' in our study of
the teachings can lead us on to Right Meditation / Contemplation.

Best wishes


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