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Re: Mahatmas

Jan 25, 1999 05:49 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Totally D Green:

Tell us you say, what a Mahatma truly is.
Tell us?

How is it possible to tell you or anyone else anything?

But it would seem that the only way to know what a Mahatma truly is, is to
become one, wouldn't you say?

There are two excellent articles with suggestions about what Mahatmas are in
"The Theosophist," vol. V (vol VI of the Collected Writings): "Mahatmas and
Chelas" and "Can the Mahatmas be Selfish?"


Totally D Green wrote:
>Lay Chela Tony--------
This wasn't the impression intended to be given!  It is difficult to explain
some things, something you seem to have difficulty with too. When you read
the quotes from "The Mahatma Letters" did they convey something to you?
Will you write something on those quotes to make their meaning clearer, as
you so strongly disagree with what was offered.
>I'm so very happy you've set
>us noninitiated folk straight.
>Your insights must be great &
>we humbly acknowledge our
>extremely profound ignorance.
>In your greater wisdom,
>tell us dudes what
>a Mahatma truly is.
>While we wait,
>let us
>humbly & blindly  repeat---

Perhaps its just you all on your ownsome.
>There are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes,
>there are no mistakes.

Have a great day.
>Totally D Green

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