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RE: After-Death Bliss

Jan 25, 1999 06:15 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Rich,

[Rich wrote]
> If we believe in Theosophy at all, we must believe that its great
> Founders, the Mahatmas, were very careful and deliberate in Their
> teachings.  I propose we begin on this basis.

This is an excellent statement, Rich.  And it is precisely because some of
the students of Theosophy on this list *already* hold this view, derived
from many years of study and reflection, that we are cautious about jumping
to conclusions as to what counts as an 'error' and what conclusions can be
drawn from it.  For the very same reason we are even more reticent about the
idea of altering what HPB and the Masters wrote prefering that it should be
left to the individual student to use his/her intuition and reason.

When HPB and the Masters, Initiates and Adepts, don't say what we think they
should have said then this is certainly cause for thought, but not
necessarily cause for correction.

This is not to say that people like yourself shouldn't put forward
alternative explanations and translations of terminology for us to ponder
upon.  But I wouldn't endorse changing the originals.

Best wishes


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