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Jan 24, 1999 07:05 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/19/99 1:12:53 AM, writes in response to

>But it is quite another thing to disallow any investigation and <gasp>
>correction of HPB's statements on x, y, or z.  If list members plan to
>regularly oppose discussion on such topics, I will have to systematically
>ignore them.  This would be sad, in light of the goal of brotherhood.  It
>would be nice to have everyone included in a discussion.  But obstructionism
>is directly opposed to the spirit of free inquiry and discussion, and it
>shouldn't be tolerated.  Nor do I think discussion should come to a grinding
>halt every time someone posts an "anti-investigation" message.

I don't recall anyone trying to "disallow" any investigation.  But, when
someone starts to proselytize a modern exoteric organized religion by claiming
its authority over HPB or their Masters wisdom teachings or the statements in
the Book of Dzyan on the pretext of discussing "minor errors", I think this
goes beyond a legitimate discussion of theosophy--which is the purpose of THIS
forum.  Especially, when the credibility of HPB and the Masters are at
issue--which should only be based on the validity of their teachings itself
without resort to outside "authorities", their opinions, their opinionated
documentation, or any other scriptures except scientifically validated
mathematical or demonstrable proof and logical philosophical or scientific

The entire teachings of theosophy rests on the Three Fundamental Principles
along with the evolutionary processes and hierarchical systems they imply.
Unfounded opinions based on no admitted "convictions" whatsoever, as in the
case of one of the instigator's of this discussion of Buddhism (present
company excepted;-) for the apparent purposes of denigrating the teachers, and
by implication, the teachings of theosophy, deserves all the resistance it
gets from serious and thoughtful students of theosophy.

The only "'anti-investigation' message" (and I question your placing quotes
around the words anti-investigation, implying those were Dallas' or my words)
appears to be when it was pointed out, justifiably, by several of us that the
"PROSELYTIZING" of Tibetan Buddhism and some of their questionable Tantric
practices should not be a subject of discussion on THIS forum.  That is not to
say, they can't be discussed in the context of their conformity or not with

In any event, whenever such exoteric religious practices, or the so called
"esoteric" scriptures that teach or condone them, are brought up as an
"authoritative" contradiction of any of the teachings of theosophy, it will
always result in a vigorous denial, counter argument and the pointing out of
the error of using supposedly authoritative arguments, as well as the apparent
ulterior motives behind such proselytizing.


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