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Re: After-Death Bliss

Jan 24, 1999 03:46 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

 and nowhere (that I've found)
>does HPB herself call it a Sanskrit word, except in the Glossary -- which as
>Dallas says, is a pretty suspect document in some ways. (I wrote weeks ago
>that the Glossary is "untrustworthy," particularly if it is one's sole
>reference, which in Dallas' case, it certainly is not.)

It was mentioned that it is also in the Glossary to "The Key to Theosophy,"
2nd ed., 1890.(even though slightly different)
You are saying "I
>wouldn't attribute that error to KH, or possibly even to HPB."
Others are saying it isn't an error.
It is a Theosophical definition of Devachan, whose essence is in Sanskrit,
and it doesn't mean "the dwelling of the gods."

And as you also write:
Perhaps if we watch this process often enough, our intuition (and
>yes, even our intellectual REASON) learn to do the same thing.  We become
>self-taught, self-induced learners.  Which, as the S.D. states, is the goal.
>I think this is good pedagogy, and that's why I think the Master chose to work
>this way.

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