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RE: The SD as a Model == How to view Theosophical teachings

Jan 24, 1999 12:41 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Jerry:

In the main I agree with your statements.

HPB in writing indicates that she does not intend to be taken rigidly.  She
also states that theosophical doctrines ought to be considered as
"propositions."   And she urges students to compare and study on their own,
and then adopt whatever suits their understanding and vision.  It is also
recognized that personal conclusions and attitudes will change as time and
new information come to hand.  Essentially, however no one can claim prime
possession of any truth or fact.  At best those can be laid out for others
to confirm or ask about.

The real, living and original THEOSOPHY is not to be found in its entirety
in the writings HPB gave us to look at and think over.  It is a continuous
system of study.  It continues to be added to and amended all the time, and
is pursued by many thousands of devotees of various kinds and levels at all
times, all over the world.  I see this implied in SD I 272-3 269

The "uninterrupted record" is also spoken of (in different ways, or implied)
SD I 307 341 612 647  SD II 96 133 794,  MODERN PANARION, p. 147-8,

On p. 142, Vol. 1, SD, HPB makes a rather strange and disturbing statement
concerning the nature of the Universe as we perceive it outside our System.
She calls the earth's "atmosphere" a kind of "crucible."  And she states
that we automatically translate the phenomena we see objectivized "out
there," be it immediate in time/space, or a record of a very great past and
distance (if the 'speed of light is the limiting factor) , in terms of our
matter and its laws here.

In this regard I find a number of references in the SD which seem to
emphasize or illustrate this.   SD I 60 101fn 104 129-31 145 148 165 511 521
583 589 601-2 622 626 673 646;    SD II 701;   Transactions of the Blavatsky
Lodge (ULT Edn) 6 88 113-4

I know this is a long list, but the information offered makes interesting

Best wishes,


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