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Re: Errors and their importance

Jan 23, 1999 04:20 PM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Tony writes:

"Thousands and thousands of so called mistakes by HPB, have been so called
corrected by those who thought they knew better.  It is the age old problem. It has
by its nature to be an exoteric exercise, but sadly one which so often destroys a
far more significant meaning.  And your concerned about hundreds more.  TRY and see
what is already there.  Now we are able to get facsimiles of some of her original

Tony, what is your background assumption behind the above statement?

Do you believe that there are any mistakes whatsoever in HPB's writings?

Master KH wrote that there were mistakes in Isis Unveiled.  Do you agree with the

What about HPB's other writings?

I ask these questions because I don't think Rich was on theos-talk when we had a
similar discussion many months ago.


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