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RE: Astrology question

Jan 22, 1999 06:52 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Bee:

Thanks for your comments.

As to the color blue and flowers.  I do not recall HPB having
said anything about their abundance being indicative of a
"spiritual state" for a country, or area.  It is possible that
that may be true.

I recall that the blue gem, sapphire is written about by HPB in
ISIS UNVEILED:  Vol. I pp. 264-5, 137 top, 139 bot, 271, 514,
ISIS Vol. II  234, 351, 513.

These make interesting reading.

Best wishes,


> From: Bee Brown
> Sent:	Friday, January 22, 1999 3:08 PM
> Subject: Re: Astrology question

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:34:39 -0800, you wrote:

>Jan 21st 1999
>Dear Bee:
>According to what I understand from what HPB has taught in the
>KEY TO THEOSOPHY, and the SECRET DOCTRINE individual Karma plays
>the most important deciding factor in reincarnation.  Being free
>minds we are able to choose and thus change our Karma (as a
>balance) all the time, every moment.

It seems so to me but I wondered if I might have missed some
connection with astrology but I guess not all writers read
With a few other things, it casts some doubts in my mind over the
authenticity of the book. I was discussing this with a friend so
will show him your post.
Many thanks for your reply.

Now if I may ask you another question. I have been told on good
authority that HPB wrote that blue flowers were a sign of the
spiritual atmosphere of a country or the indications that it was
growing. I can't remember seeing this but I thought you might
come across it.
Here in NZ we are being over run in some places by big blue
and this brought about the remarks by a visiting Theosophist. I
remember the exact words she used but something in that line.

>As Karma is to be treated (by definition (Second Fundamental of
>the SD, vol. 1,
>Pp, 15-17) as inflexible (because fair and just to all who are
>affected), the "balance" (as maintained by Karmic law) is always
>impersonally exact.
>The Real SELF within (Atma-Buddhi-Higher Manas) uses a fresh
>(the newly formed 'Personality'), (which is aggregated from
>elements of the old one which was abandoned at death) and which,
>in the meantime, were dispersed throughout Nature.  Nose old/new
>aggregates ( Skandhas, or "life-atoms") are the
>"bearers of our past karma."  And the reason for that is that it
>is they who were shaped by our use of them in the past life.
>when they "return" to us, to help  shape our "new Personality,"
>they bring that old impression which we imposed on them, and,
>according as to whether we used them well or ill, so they will
>assist or annoy and delay us now.
In my study of life atoms, I find them to be carriers of much
information that we have put in them. So it seems they have more
influence than maybe astrology. In this life I don't know enough
astrology to make a sensible comment.

>( "The STAR of the Soul" will be found mentioned in the SECRET
>DOCTRINE between pages 570-575 in Vol. 1.  It makes very
>interesting reading.)
I will certainly have a look at that. Thank you for your post

Kind regards


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