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Re: Rich on Devachan

Jan 22, 1999 01:15 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>You're material on Devachan is interesting, especially since Jerry S.
>months ago claimed that HPB had "invented" the word.

The cause for my claim of invention is the well known statements+
of G de P and others who wrote that deva is from the Sanskrit
and chan is from Tibetan and that she glued the two together.
As you well know, it was only very recently (just a few months
ago) that I discovered that it is actually a corrupt spelling of
a legitimate Tibetan word--one that I have finally at long last
found in a recent book.  I also acknowledged publically on
this list that I had been wrong.  This is, I think, a very good
example of just how useful this list can be.

Jerry S.

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