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[4]Rajah is name for W Judge

Jan 21, 1999 09:56 PM
by David Green

Rajah is name for W Judge.

W Judge was known as----Rajah.
References are found in
"Theosophy"---May 1896.

"the Rajah---as the real
W.Q.J. was so often called"
wrote "T."

"He was called by some
The Rajah." wrote E Neresheimer.

"Letters that have helped me", p 274
E Hargrove mentions---

"On morning of March 19th,
he [W Judge] asked me to make
full enquires...............
Mr. Neresheimer called that
afternoon, and it was after
he had said goodbye, and when
I was sitting by the side of
Mr. Judge's sofa, that the
"Rajah" suddenly roused the
body out of the half-sleep
in which it had been lying,
and with his unmistakable
force said:  "There should
be calmness.  Hold fast.
Go slow.".......................

Also p 294 in "Letters", E
Neresheimer repeats re W Judge--

""He never tired of making things
plain and simple............He
was called by some "The Rajah."

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