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Ends Justifies the Means?

Jan 21, 1999 06:59 AM
by Jerry Schueler

<<But, what about those whose evil actions are not done out of
ignorance, and whose sole aims are to deny the "Light" and attain the
"Darkness", or to gain all material things for themselves at the expense
of others?  >>

Leon, all "evil" is done out of ignorance. The attempt to gain "all
material things" is ignorance. The attempt to "deny the light" is

Rich,  your story of the bodisattva who killed a pirate to save 500
people reminds me of the S King novel Blind Spot where a psychic "sees"
a youth who will grow up to be another Hitler and asks the moral
question of whether to let him go or kill him.  There is no real easy
answer to this except that it is always a good thing to return
compassion and love to others no matter what, and that the end seldom
justifies the means.

Jerry S.

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