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RE: RE: No Subject, No Object

Jan 21, 1999 07:58 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 21st

Dear Leon:

What you write about the current support given to teachings in
the "Secret Doctrine" is exactly what I had in mind.

Thank you for the review of the situation up to the present.  It
is excellent, and I enjoyed reading about it.  A regular feature
of in updating scientific discoveries and questions
of research is, in my mind so valuable to us all.

I thought that the simultaneous reaction in sensitive reception
and projection of the plants was an additional illustration of
the work of Shelldrake, Margulis, and others and that it was
being carried forward.  But I have not seen in SCIENCE NEWS, or
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN as much recently on such subjects as before.

Is a veil being drawn over them ?

I was re-reading 'FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY" in the past 2 weeks and
I am struck with the parallel between what is written in that
book, that reports on the suppression of evidence that might
upset the orthodox views among Evolutionists as regards the
dating of human antiquity - and all I can think of is the way in
which Velikovsky and his books were received and actively
suppressed in the late 1940S.



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