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Re: RE: No Subject, No Object

Jan 21, 1999 01:48 AM
by Leon Maurer

Dear Dallas

In a message dated 1/21/99 2:56:54 AM, writes:

>Jan 20th 1999
>Dear Leon:
>I seem to recall last year there was a news item concerning
>plants in which material taken from one was either used to start
>a new plant, or engrafted on another living one, and then moved
>some great distance.  This phenomenon of immediate sensitivity
>was noted and commented on.

Could you explain what the phenomena was that indicated a sensitivity?  I have
no idea what material was taken and what the experiment was.  However, if it
indicated that some trauma to an engrafted plant was "felt" at a distance by
the plant that was the donor, then it would confirm the "coenergetic"
interrelationship between the separated plant's astral field (the root of the
senses)--which, being linked through the common non-local zero-point, would
always be inseparable.  This idea, incidentally, was developed scientifically,
in his discussion of "morphogenetic fields", by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake in his
book _A New Science of Life_.
>If we use the AKASA and its properties as a base for
>consideration, then in the S.D. it is stated that the transfer of
>impressions is almost simultaneous at any distance when there is
>correlation and consubstantiality.  Akasa being the 7th highest
>level (or plane) of the "Astral Light" or 'linga=sarira.'

In the case of the Akasha, which would be the primary or the highest spiritual
coenergetic zero-point non-local field, the frequency would be so high and the
cycle time and wave length so short that the velocity of its "astral light"
would be much faster than the speed of our ordinary light, and thus, the
transfer of information carried by its wave patterns would be close to
instantaneous.  This, in conjunction with non-locality of the zero-point-
instant centers, would account for telepathic information being apparently
simultaneous no matter how far apart the sender and receiver.  It would also
account for the "synchronicity" spoken of by Carl Jung in his introduction to
the Wilhelm translation of the I-Ching, as well as the "action at a distance"
experiments of Dr. Gisin.
>This is a quick answer and I have not looked up the page
>references.  But had you seen that also ?

If you are referring to the S.D., I did see that and many other scientific
references to the Akasha, and it was one of the many teachings of HPB (along
with the "formulas" given in the B. of D.) that steered me toward the
holographic, coenergetic field theory (Astro Biological Coenergetics (ABC),
and its references to relativity and quantum indeterminacy theories (that were
also presaged by HPB).

It's interesting that the ABC theory has been been getting a hearing in
scientific circles during the past several years, and I have been receiving
many inquiries from scientists in many disciplines about references in the
S.D. which I have been pointing them to as the inspirer of this theory (as
well as Sheldrake's, Einstien's, Bohr's and Heisenberg's theories).  Since I
first posted my letters on the three major consciousness study forums several
years ago--in the past 9 months alone (when I started counting)--I have
received more than 1100 hits on my ABC web site...  And Reed Carson reports
that he receives a tremendous increase in hits to the site soon
after I posted to the scientific sites online with references to the S.D., and
whenever I made a reference to Einstein "groking" E=mc^2 directly from the

Of course, you can understand the battles I have had with some of the die hard
"quantum mind theorists and other "physicalist" (or should I say
"materialist"?) scientists, who cannot tolerate the idea of unmeasurable and
invisible energy fields that conform to different laws of physics.  Although
some physicists, like Amit Goswami, who wrote _The Self Aware Universe_ , and
the Drs Lockwood and Margulies with their theories of GAIA, have done a
marvelous job of correlating quantum physics and unified fields with esoteric
Vedantan, Buddhist and other theosophical ideas.  HPB predicted this would
happen toward the end of this century.

Perhaps the Theosophical Movement is finally able to fulfill its mandate from
HPB to "change the minds of the race through the language of the age".  Could
that "language" be the Internet and popular scientific books, newspaper and
magazines articles, as well as the films of Gene Roddenberry and George
Lucas--who were, incidentally, also inspired by the S.D.?  (Unfortunately,
there were many popular science writers like Carl Sagen, who gained tremendous
audiences--but just didn't get it.  Anyway, most of those guys are gone and
the tide seems to be turning.  Maybe some of us can now help raise it a bit
further--before we check out and visit the Akasha for awhile. :-)

Best wishes,


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