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Re: Astrology question

Jan 21, 1999 00:38 AM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/21/99 3:55:57 AM, Bee quoted:

<<" All the creatures that are being born into the third dimensional
world every moment throughout all eternity ended their previous
incarnation under the same constellation as the one which existed at
the moment of their birth in this incarnation.   >>

Dear Bee,

I question the validity of that astrological position by asking, is it
reasonable that something so outward and physical as what position the stars
APPEAR to be in (from earth), should completely dictate when and how we are

I am just a humble egg, but I suspect our reincarnations are MUCH more
complicated, though no doubt correspondences with the heavens play some part.
But we know that our Karma brings us together with our loved ones (and, alas,
enemies) time and time again, and if the stars had to be "EXACTLY right" for
all of them too, it would be a mathematical nightmare.  So I think
constellations are only secondary -- our karma, and the conditions a
civilization provides for working out our karma, is probably one of the
primary considerations.

Finally, if one's constellations are ALWAYS different from birth to death,
what would happen if you went through people's birth and death dates in
history?  There are lots of people who die on the exact same day of the year
in which they were born, and lots of babies that die less than a month after
birth --so that seems to disprove Haich's assertion also.  Had I the time, I
would look up a few examples, but I think the logic is clear enough.


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