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Astrology question

Jan 20, 1999 07:56 PM
by Bee Brown

Hi folks,
I came across the idea below in a book I am reading, 'Initiation' by
Elizabeth Haich and wondered if the knowledgable people on the list
might comment as I am not sure if it fits in with Theosophical
notions. It seems reasonable to me but that isn't always a reliable
Many thanks

" All the creatures that are being born into the third dimensional
world every moment throughout all eternity ended their previous
incarnation under the same constellation as the one which existed at
the moment of their birth in this incarnation.  The death
constellation in one incarnation and the birth constellation in the
next are always absolutely identical.  On the other hand, the birth
constellation and the death constellation for any given incarnation
are never identical, because the individual living creature concerned
is changed through the experience it has."
"This is why some people are reincarnated again after only a very
short time while others may even have to wait thousands of years until
the stellar constellations match those they carry in their souls."

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