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RE: No Subject, No Object

Jan 20, 1999 07:42 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 20th 1999

Dear Leon:

I seem to recall last year there was a news item concerning
plants in which material taken from one was either used to start
a new plant, or engrafted on another living one, and then moved
some great distance.  This phenomenon of immediate sensitivity
was noted and commented on.

If we use the AKASA an its properties as a base for
consideration, then in the S.D. it is stated that the transfer of
impressions is almost simultaneous at any distance when there is
correlation and consubstantiality.  Akasa being the 7th highest
level (or plane) of the "Astral Light" or 'linga=sarira.'

This is a quick answer and I have not looked up the page
references.  But had you seen that also ?


> From: "Leon Maurer" <>
> Sent:	Wednesday, January 20, 1999 1:47 AM
> Subject: No Subject, No Object

Here's a contribution to the study of consciousness that may
serve to open up
some new lines of inquiry.

According to Malcolm Brown in a New York Times article (Tuesday,
July 22,
1997), Dr. Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva in a recent
has demonstrated that paired particles at a great distance apart
are in
communication with each other and make identical decisions
when faced with a similar choice.  This implies that the
communication between
the particles traveled faster than the speed of light.  Although
no mention
was made that such particles may be conscious, the scientific
effect of this
experiment is to disprove Einstein's contention that action at a
distance is
not possible, and to bolster the quantum theory of indeterminacy,
entanglement, etc.

However, the experiment may have proven much more than is
apparent at first
glance.  Here is one analysis of the results that may possibly
lead us to a
new theory of consciousness as well as to a further understanding
of the
mechanisms of conscious awareness (that is partially explained by
my ABC*
theory) and may add a new wrinkle linking classical physics with

To speculate on the results of the experiment;
If particles can communicate with each other to make intelligent
choices, then
particles must be (in some sense) aware, intelligent and
therefore, conscious
- (but, do they think?  Who knows?  And at what level?:-)

In any event, the following conditions seem to make sense:
The twin particles are
1.  identical (on all levels of physical and quantum space, along
with all
interpenetrating and interactive fields of which the particles
consist, and
within which they exist).
2.  to some degree, aware (of themselves - perhaps not
singularly, but as a
unity with all other identical particles).
3.  intelligent (enough to make a choice).
4.  conscious (of their direction of travel, position, spin,
etc. - with
relation to their surrounding environment).
5.  act alike (since they always make the same identical choice
when each is
faced with similarly configured alternative paths).

According to the paper written by EinsteIn, Podolsky and Rosen,
(denying the
possibility of what they called, "spooky action at a distance");
These so
called "entangled particles" would have acted "solely in
accordance with their
common antecedents coupled with hidden local factors."  This
conclusion could
easily be justified by the above conditions.

i.e.  We could assume that such "identical, aware, conscious, and
particles (with no conflicting learned conceptions given them by
humans ;-) would always choose the same "correct path" determined
by the
"local" conditions faced.  Therefore, this experiment could prove
Einstein et al were correct in that "action at a distance" -
assuming that
quantum fields are in the same spatial order (or medium) as the
fields - is impossible.

On the other hand, if these assumptions were not so, then
Einstein's crowd
would be proven wrong.  The question then, is; Does the transfer
information between consciousness (awareness), mind and body
"move" solely through "physical" (metric) space?   However, we've
yet to prove
that quantum fields (or consciousness and mental fields, for that
matter, are
physical - in the same sense that the brain and its
electromagnetic fields are
"physical".  (i.e. Measurable or detectable using ordinary
instrumentation, by existing in the same spacial dimension or
medium.)  They
may have "material" or "substantial" forms and particles within
their own
order of vibrational existence - to which, ordinary physical
matter may be
entirely transparent... And, these particles, by their very
nature, could
travel at a multiple of ordinary light velocity.

My guess is that they are not "physical" (in the above sense).
Also, the laws
pertaining to their material existences would be quite
Therefore, informational energy could be transferred through
these higher
order fields at speeds much in excess of the speed of sidereal
light (which is
physical) without violating the physical laws of the lower
(metric) field
order - due to these more subtle fields having, essentially and
higher orders of frequency and wave length than sidereal light
(including the
entire EM spectrum.  [See: ABC notes]).  This would account for
the apparent
"action at a distance" predicted by quantum theory...  But, which
could also
be considered as pre-determined and pre-conditioned local action
by classical

An explanation that could satisfy both possibilities would be
based on the
assumption that consciousness was and is coincident and
complementary with the
root of matter before and since the initial manifestation of the
universe, and is, therefore, ubiquitous, along with all physical
(represented by E=MC^2), throughout the present sidereal universe
(as well as
with the "objective" element(als) within all of its precursive
higher order
universes, or inter-(or, intra-spatial coenergetic fields)...
And that, in
contrast to the more or less temporary states of objective
physical forms (and
all meta-physical forms in these higher order fields), the
subjective field of
consciousness is eternal, non-material, non temporal, formless,
and linked
with matter through a series of transcendent intermediate fields
progressively lower orders of vibrational energy - called, from a
standpoint, "quantum fields", or in ABC theory, "astromagnetic
fields" -
which, essentially, represent the hierarchy of all the energy
fields used by,
or through which are communicated, our intuition, memory,
thought, will or
focused intent, life or vital energies, bioform models,
evolutionary processes, etc.

It is assumed, as a basis of ABC theory, that while the
fundamental laws of
cause and effect, periodicity, etc. do not change within these
fields, the
application and effects of these laws do...  And, fundamental
"particles" act
differently on either side of the inter field barriers -
accounting for
"indeterminacy" within each field order as well as "particle
The only things that don't change (if they can be considered
"things"), is the
fundamental subjective nature of consciousness and its attributes
of awareness
and intelligence as well as their linkages and pathways to
objecive, physical
matter through the non-physical (but still material, having both
a particulate
and wave nature) field of mind.

The field of mind extending from its highest to lowest frequency
level, then,
could easily serve as the dual-natured intermediate repository of
permanent memory on the one hand, and volatile thought and
imagination at the

It remains to be seen whether or not this seminal experiment of
Dr. Gisin will
serve as the stepping stone to bring us to a new
interdisciplinary dialogue
concerning the true nature of consciousness, and allow us to
establish a new
basis for arriving at a synthesis of the "hard" and "easy"
problems and,
ultimately, their resolution into one grand unified theory
encompassing the
relationship between consciousness and matter, subject and
object, emptiness
and fullness, immateriality and materiality, non-physical and
physical, wave
and particle, attraction and repulsion, antiparticle and
particle, antigravity
and gravity, God and Man, etc., etc., etc....

...Thus, once and for all resolving each of the paradoxes facing
religion and philosophy, and finally, ending the general run of
ignorance of the true nature of reality - while giving us an
understanding of
the real meaning of the word "religion" - as its Latin root
ligere (to bind or
yoke) implies...  A linking (yoking ergo yoga) of our "self
consciousness" to
our fundamental common origin - the rootless root of "universal
consciousness"... (The a priori of our present physical
universe) - whose
"fundamental laws" of 1. Action and reaction (karma); 2.
Periodicity (cycles);
3. Cause and effect ("as you sow, so you reap") governs all
action in all
levels of our individual being - throughout eternity.  This SELF
existance (as
expressed through our individual ABC/AM and EM fields linked to
corresponding universal fields) extends throughout time (or at
least until the
universe resolves itself into its initial timeless state) - from
relatively permanent self consciousness and higher mind level -
to the
transient lower mind fields focused within and around impermanent

What say you all?

Regards and respects
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Thank you for looking in.


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