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Re: Why Attack Fellow Theosophists? or If the fruit fits they shall be known by it

Jan 20, 1999 05:30 PM
by Darren Porter

Before I get stuck in to Leon I had better make sure I have some facts

Which is older - the Book of Manu or The book of Dzyan?

Which is older - The Book of Dzyan or the Mayan Codex ?

Which is older - the Book of Dzyan or the Pyramids?

Are all written traditions by their very nature exoteric and all oral
traditions by their nature esoteric?

Is book-reading theosophy or is mysticism and the mystical vision theosophy?

Who should we trust more on Tibetan teachings - someone who was in Tibet
for a couple of years tops? Or someone who was there for over 20 years and
had recived many angkurs and initations?

What is the difference between Lamaism, Budhism and Buddhism?

How many times in the SD does HPB say that she can not give out information
or elaborate on further points?

Theosophy = Exotericism
theosophy = esotericism

Has anybody ever actually seen a Book of Dzyan? Who did the english
translation? Has their been a subsequent and validating translation?

Should un-intitiated people pretend they know everything there is to know
about theosophy?

Why did the so-called goody two shoes yellow caps try to wipe out the
so-called evil red caps?

Has anybody on the list received the Angkur of YidYam?

Where were Master KH and Master M from - India or Tibet? Were they
affiliated with a school or were they anchorites? Who were their direct

"Mre sam djod med" - Prajnaparamita

I await reply with baited breath.....


"When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the people of Tibet
will be scattered like ants across the world and the dharma will come to
the land of the red man."

-Padmasambhava, 8th c.

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