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Jan 20, 1999 01:51 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/15/99 6:03:39 PM, writes:

>The Swastika is a most ancient symbol - adopted and used by the
>Nazis, true - but also they turned it around so that it runs

In space, the swastika can be viewed from both sides, and thus, can be seen to
turn both clockwise and counterclockwise.  Symbolically, however, as a
representation of the universe's dual action, one direction symbolizes the
powers of the light, and the other, the forces of the "darkside".  (As George
Lucas so eloquently expressed it in Star Wars.:-)
>The original idea was two crossed sticks set afire and when well
>lit they where whirled clockwise, and the trailing flame left the
>trailing edges of the fiery cross.

This is not "the original idea" from a theosophical standpoint.  But was,
possibly, the way man began to express the idea physically, before the
discovery of writing or pictorialization.  Actually the real "original idea"
of the swastika represents the revolving crossed lines of the dual forces
(spiritual and material energies) symbolizing the fifth stage of the seven
fold (dual) evolution--as the Cosmos manifests out of the unknown Void (empty
of all attributes), Paranishpanna, or "rootless root", consisting, originally,
of abstract motion (or "beness", having only the potentiality of "being").
The swastika is also a symbol of the action of Fohat, or "cosmic electricity"
(as can be seen naturally expressed in every spiral Galaxy).

Here's one possible theosophical, neo-scientific explanation of the first 5
symbolic stages of cosmic evolution, starting with its first logoic
manifestation and ending with the swastika in a circle

1st stage)  The empty white circle in a dark field--representing pure
spiritual (consciousness) energies dynamically spinning (as circular
motion--the root of Universal Law) in the emptiness (sunyata, or nonexistence
of substance, form and time)--and carrying all the potential energetic
informational interference patterns holistically describing the "memory" of
all the "forms", "evolutions" and "experiences" of its previous existences.
(This initial symbol also indicates that consciousness non-locally pervades
all of the initial "emptiness" as well as the eventual "vacuum" of future
evolved metric or "physical" space).

2nd stage)  Adds the infinitely condensed point in the center of the white
circle--representing the first spherical root form of pure matter-energy,
having finite, localized dimensions, and spinning around its static, inertial
center of absolute non-motion.  This symbol also represents the duality of
particle-wave, positive-negative, spirit-matter, etc., as well as (added to
the surrounding external and zero-point internal "emptiness") the fundamental
triunity of all of Nature.  It also can be seen as the basis of the three
Gunas, Tamas (inertia), Rajas (action) and Sattva (harmony), as well as the
three fundamental principles.  Om Tat Sat

3rd Stage)  Adds the horizontal line through the center point in the
circle--representing the receptive basis of "substance" (or "matter") as the
formerly condensed material energy unwinds itself and radiates outwardly on
the first plane--expressing itself as linear energy (or the first emanated,
locally centered "wavicles" of the highest [near infinite] frequency "astral
light" of the "akasha", or theosophical "aether").  This first frequency,
determines what Patanjali calls the "ultimate moment of time" (which, as a
measure of change, starts at this stage).  It also represents, the total
energy bound up in every zero-point-instant throughout both metric and non-
metric space (therefore, both full and empty simultaneously).

4th stage)  Adds the vertical line through the center of the
circle--representing the creative force of informing consciousness as it
radiates inwardly on the first plane.  This is the second major "change"
(although occurring in no time and no space) as non-local Spirit "informs"
localized Matter.)  This sets the stage for subsequent physical evolution and
the particularization of form out of non form.

 5th stage) Pictures the rotating crossed lines (as a swastika)--representing
the joining of consciousness and matter with linear motion impelling itself
(as a result of initial spin) into cyclic motion (now "cosmic electricity")
and the creation of the first conscious, or awakened "being" on the highest
spiritual plane. . . With all the wisdom of the Universe now being expressed
in potentia.  This is the end of the first level, plane or field of evolution,
and the beginning of "Karma".

It should be noted that this 2-dimensional (cross section) representation
doesn't tell the whole story--(HPB said to beware of diagrams as they can only
be a semblance of truth)--since, in actuality, the primal zero-point as well
as the outer circumference is ultimately a sphere and, thus, contains at least
three intersecting circular, or equatorial planes which define it.  Thus there
are three primal evolutions going on reflectively or simultaneously (in our
measure).  Further, each such circular cross-section, containing a similar
swastika, symbolizes the three directions of manifest space's primal spins
that are the root of the "multidimensionality" of our "metric" space--4 space-
time + 1 zero-point + 10 (3+7) intermediate dimensions or "fields" recently
predicted mathematically by post-quantum, super-string and M-brane theories
(and presaged in the Secret Doctrine--as was photo-electricity, relativity,
quantum, and indeterminacy theories).  Even today, the current scientific
study of consciousness**, which cannot be described by any of the conventional
scientific theories, is bringing science closer and closer to recognizing the
validity of the theosophical teachings
**See _Journal of Consciousness Studies_ at:
<A HREF="";></A>

A later symbol, derived from the sphere's triple axes representing the 6
dimensions of manifest space, is the octahedron ("diamond heart", or primal
"crystal form" preceding the later "crystalloid uniomniform" of ABC theory)
inscribed in the 3-dimensional sphere.  This initial form has three internal
intersecting square planes each of which contains a closed (squared) swastika.
These planes symbolize the three major aspects of the universe--namely,
spirit, mind, matter. . . And also indicates, symbolically, that their
energetic lines of force (aspects of "cosmic electricity") and their
perpendicular magnetic fields, originate from or pass through the same primal
and non-local zero-points (HPB called them Laya points) and are, therefore,
totally interdependent, and thereby, can inductively and resonantly
(coenergetically) influence and transfer information holistically between each
other.  In addition, it indicates that these coenergetic fields are also, as
HPB said, "in coadunition but not in consubstantiality."

I hope this helps clarify things a bit, and gives us some food for thought.

Best regards,

P.S. If you get lost, or need a bit more on the scientific correlation of
theosophy, check out:
<A HREF="";></A>

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