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Re: RE: DEFENSE OF HPB and moving on.

Jan 19, 1999 08:37 PM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/19/99 11:48:21 PM, you wrote:

<<Lastly, it seems to me that there is such a tremendous amount of the

Teachings that HPB and the Masters *did* put clearly and definitely in

writing that we, as enquirers or serious students of the Inner Life, have

more than enough to explore for the next 7x7x7 plus 7 lives without worrying

too much about what may or may not be mistakes.  Yet to acknowledge the

possibility of these can have its rightful place and provide food for

thought as it throws us back on our own inner resources.>>

Peter, this is an excellent point.  And I certainly do not want my little
investigations into Theosophy and Tibetan Buddhism to distract from discussion
of Theosophy *per se*.  I'm also not terribly interested in "mistakes"
(whatever may be the perception of my writings in this list) but I am *very*
interested in all the little tidbits and hints that HPB gives us about ancient
Aryan teachings, Vedanta, and "inner Buddhism" -- and I find it fascinating
and personally valuable to track them down, and see what HPB says compared to
what these groups say about themselves.  However, I'm not looking to
antagonize people, or set myself up as an enemy of my Guru.  So your post is
helpful in getting me to see the effect of my posts on other readers, and I
thank you for that.


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