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Re: RE: AC/HPB/I-Ching

Jan 19, 1999 08:37 PM
by Richard Taylor

In a message dated 1/19/99 7:11:20 PM, Paul wrote:

<<The term "King" could be viewed as a possible common factor, although, as
one understands it, "King" is simply a generic term for 'classic'.>>

Just a brief "scholarly" note.  "king" is a Western mispronunciation of a
sound that is now spelt (in the 'pinyin' system) Jing, and it does indeed mean
"scripture, text, classic."  It is also used by the Chinese for the Sanskrit
word "sutra" which is the term for most Buddhist scriptures.  So you get I-
Jing, (formerly I-Ching), "Scripture on Changes" and Dao De Jing (formerly Tao
Te Ching) "Scripture on the Way and its Power."

Last century, an italic "k" was used to indicate that the Chinese sound "j"
(or sometimes "ch") was pronounced in the back of the throat, a sound called
'retroflex.' In printing, however, the italics were often left out, and the
West came to know the sound as a "k."  Say "king" to a Chinese person,
however, and they will have *no idea* what you are talking about.


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