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RE: Obstructionism and BUDHISM (one D).

Jan 19, 1999 12:41 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 19th 1999

Dear Rich:

Nothing to argue over.  Thanks.  As to opinions, there are many
1,000s.  How to get at the principles ?

As to HPB.  We owe what we know of the "principles of Theosophy"
to her.  Details can be wrong or alterable, etc... But if we do
that, then we have to have sound reason for it.  I don't think
she would object to that - as it is evidence of the constructive
efforts of fresh thinking.

My only reason for writing as I do is two-fold:

1.	HPB can't defend herself.  So someone must.

2. If errors are alleged.  Let's have accurate facts to relate
them to.  It is helpful if finders related their findings to
something she has written.  Generalities are "opinions" until
pinned down.  When so defined, they can be verified.

Nothing else.  Best wishes as always,


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