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RE: AC/HPB/I-Ching

Jan 19, 1999 11:03 AM
by Bazzer (Paul)

> Bazzer wrote:
> > In passing, there is "A Tentative Translation from the Chinese" by Dr.
> > Isabella Mears of the "Tao Teh King" published by TPH, London.  Seems to
> > retain something of original key-note.
> 	What does the "Tao Teh King" have to do with the I-Ching?

The "In passing . . " had no particular reference to I Ching (or Y King),
just a pointer to Dr. Mears's "Tao Teh King" which seems to have an
uplifting key-note.  Translations seen of I Ching seem to have lost their
spirit, what with a number of (most?) Western commentaries revolving around
fortune-telling and exoteric stuff like that.

The term "King" could be viewed as a possible common factor, although, as
one understands it, "King" is simply a generic term for 'classic'.

Further passing thought is that Lao Tzu is said to be a contemporary of
Confucius.  The latter (Confucius) is said to have written commentaries on I
Ching. Both works may, therefore, have a common origin?  Dunno.

Best wishes,

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