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Why Attack Fellow Theosophists?

Jan 18, 1999 06:09 AM
by Jerry Schueler

[Rich]< I should think that mature Theosophists have

>,better things to do with their time than to defend

>HPB from imaginary attacks from her own supporters.

This is exactly what I have been finding lately. Instead
of us all trying to work together to discuss (and finding
what may be errors IS discussion) Theosophy, there
are two or three who feel the need to flame anyone
who disagrees with a single word of Blavatsky. A note
to the effect that "I disagree and think that you may
be mistaken" would be sufficient, but the emotional
charge behind the words indicates to me that there is
a lot of projecting of repressed emotions and fears
going on here. I am being to think that some on this
list are very much afraid that at least some of these
"errors" may be right, and that this would level their
house of cards, exactly like Christian fundamentalists
rail even today against archeologists in spite of a lot
of scientific evidence.

I have been a Theosophist for over 30 years, and have
read and studied a vast amount of material. I am not
an enemy of Theosophy. I belong to two TSs and have
respect for their respective viewpoints and emphases.
I would love for anyone who disagrees with anything I
write to just say so and explain why in a friendly manner.
I could be wrong. But to attack with emotional invective
just makes me think that I must be right.

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