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Re: Tibetan Book of the Dead & Theosophy

Jan 18, 1999 00:25 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/18/99 7:57:59 AM, writes:

>><<I don't think it was any part of HPB's mandate to give out or promote
>>such cultish or religious practices in her expositions of pure esoteric
>>Couldn't agree more.  On the other hand, the Bardo Thodol *need not* be
>>used that way, even though it *often is* used that way.

Could you tell us what other uses it may have other than as a funerary

I understand it was to be learned by initiates so as to prepare them for the
after death state of passing through the astral realm and to recognize the
dangers along the way.  I'm told that in Tibet it is a practice to read the
Bardo Thodol over the dead body for the 49 days that it takes to completely
detach the astral body from the vicinity of the physical remains.  The
assumption here, I gather, is that the astral body can still hear and
understand the contents of the book--as a timely reminder--in order to
reinforce the memory of previous study, or in the case of a child or non-
initiate, to help them pass through the Astral realm and avoid inimical
elementals, as well as to reassure them of their own psychic powers to
oversome them if necessary.


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