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RE: RE: AC/HPB/I-Ching

Jan 17, 1999 05:30 AM
by Bazzer (Paul)

> The only ideas about the I-Ching that I can think of with relation to
> theosophy, is that HPB mentioned it in the S.D  and recognized
> its wisdom.

No references in SD to "I-Ching", it seems.  Two references to "Y-King"
found: SD, II, 374 & 486.

One reference to "Book of Changes":

"In China, 1, 3, 5, 7, are called “celestial numbers” in the canonical “Book
of Changes.” (Yi King, or transformation, as in “Evolution”)".

The popular 'divinatory' use of I-Ching is doubtless a distraction.

In passing, there is "A Tentative Translation from the Chinese" by Dr.
Isabella Mears of the "Tao Teh King" published by TPH, London.  Seems to
retain something of original key-note.

Best wishes,

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