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Re: RE: AC/HPB/I-Ching

Jan 17, 1999 01:47 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/13/99 5:23:13 PM, writes:

>A big change of subject: Anyone any ideas on the I-Ching? I'm not trying
>to take the subject off Theosophy but rather learn more. As Theosophy gives
>a means of life (does it?) then I feel that all aspects should be examined.
The only ideas about the I-Ching that I can think of with relation to
theosophy, is that HPB mentioned it in the S.D  and recognized its wisdom.  (I
don't know the exact reference, but students can easily look it up for
themselves.).  I have been studying and using the I-Ching as both an oracle
and a book of wisdom for more than 40 years, and find it entirely consistent
with theosophical principles.  But, I've learned that one must never use it
thoughtlessly or indescriminatively as a psychic crutch.
>Leon, sorry for the recent stab. You seem knowledgeable but rather
>condemning to others who differ from your views.
Apology accepted, and forgive me if I might have stabbed back.:-)

I don't condemn others who differ from my views unless those others are trying
(for what I think may be ulterior or subversive motives) to convert other less
knowledgeable participants to their theosophically opposing views, use
innuendo, personality barbs, psychologizing, propaganda, and other tricks of
rhetoric to make their point, or dominate a discussion with side track
conversations.  I also like to stir up the pot a bit to provoke others to
reveal their true purpose when I detect what looks like such side tracking or
subversion.  Sometimes, these tactics generate responses that separate the
wheat from the chaff in the eyes of everyone participating in an open,
unmoderated conference.  The upshot is, after such tactics, that I notice a
change toward more serious, direct and open discussion of the theosophical
subjects at hand.

I apologize to anyone I may have angered if the "shoe doesn't fit" :-)


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