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Re: AC & HPB

Jan 16, 1999 10:35 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/15/99 12:03:02 PM, writes:

>My Apologies - in fact I've never actually seen a US $1 Bill. The Last
>episode of American Gothic had one of the characters cutting out the
>Illuminati Pyramid and pasting it all over his wall. And R.A. Wilson's
>Illuminatus Trilogy talks about where the seal came froma lot - but I've
>never seen the reverse of the Seal - can you enlighten me to it's design?
>The seal i refer to is the traditional Bavarian Illuminati Pyramid and

The reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States is engraved on the
left of the (Green) backside of the Dollar Bill.  It has a pyramid standing on
a plain with a sky background inside a circle.  On the top of the pyramid,
slightly above where the capstone would be, is a radiant triangle enclosing an
opened eye.  I presume this is the same symbol as used by the Illuminati--but
not necessarily native to them.  Inscribed inside the surrounding circle,
above the eye, are the words ANNUIT COEPTIS.  And, below the pyramid inside
the circle on an unfurled scroll are the words NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.  The
translation I have heard (I think by WQJ) is "The Heavens Approve", "The New
Order of the Ages".  I assume this particular symbol was chosen by the
American "Founding Fathers" since most of them, including Thomas Paine (who
wrote the inspiring revolutionary document "Common Sense"} were all Masons,
and presumedly, students of the ancient theosophy and its symbols passed on
from the Greek Neo-Platonian,  Philelethian and Theosophy schools to the
Illuminati, the Knights Templars, the Gnostics, the Freemasons, the Egyptian
and Scottish rite Masons, the Rosecrucians, and other derivative mystery
schools.  Its use by them seems to imply, and as has been suggested by HPB and
WQJ, that the founding of the US was an action phase of the Theosophical
Movement cycle, and was guided or influenced by the Adepts.  If I remember
correctly, I read somewhere that HPB compared this pyramid symbol to the upper
triangle of the TS logo.  It is also interesting to note that all these
triangular symbols, including the "Seal of Solomon", are contained within the
primal "diamond heart" symbol spoken of by HPB, and which must be the mother
of all esoteric symbols.  (The diamond crystalline structure is actually
shaped like an octahedron or double pyramid.)


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