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Re: Re: Tibetan Book of the Dead & Theosophy

Jan 15, 1999 08:41 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>I would be curious to know what other "problems" there might be that would
>cause HPB to ignore this book (which, as far as I have heard, is actually a
>manual for an exoteric religious ritual funerary practice, and used as a
>for departing souls passing through the lower astral realms).  I don't
>it was any part of HPB's mandate to give out or promote such cultish or
>religious practices in her expositions of pure esoteric theosophy.

As a matter of fact, G de Purucker does talk about the Tibetan
Book of the Dead (Evans-Wentz being a member of his TS) and
compares it to Theosophy very nicely.

Jerry S.

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