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More on the Bardo Thodrol

Jan 15, 1999 05:08 AM
by Darren Porter

Just for interests sake here is the Table of Contents from my english
translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I'm sure people can make up
their own minds as to it's actual purpose and intended use rather than what
it is being used as.
(Formatted in Max Window on Eudora Light)


I. General Introduction
	A Tribute to W.Y Evans-Wentz
	A Tribute to C.G. Jung
	A Tribute to Lama Anagarika Govinda

II The Tibetan Book of the Dead
	First Bardo : The Period of Ego-loss or Non-game Ecstacy
		Part One: The Primary clear light
		Part two:  The Secondary clear light

	Second Bardo: The Period of Hallucinations
		Second Bardo Explanation
		Vision 1:		The Source
		Vision 2:		The internal flow of archetypal processes
		Vision 3:		The fire-flow of internal unity
		Vision 4:		The wave-vibration structure of eternal forms
		Vision 5:		The vibratory waves of external unity
		Vision 6:		The retinal circus
		Vision 7:		The magic theatre
		The wrathful visions
		Conclusion of Second Bardo

	Third Bardo: The Period of Re-Entry
		General description of the Third Bardo
		Ren-Entry visions
		The all-determining influence of thought
		The judgment vision
		Sexual visions
		Methods of preventing the re-entry
			Meditation on the Buddha
			Concentration on good 'action'
			Meditation on illusion
			Meditation on void
		Method of choosing the post-session personality
		General Conclusion

If anyone is interested I could also post some of Lama Govinda's

"there ain't no space and time,
to keep our love alive,
we have existence but thats all we share"
- Space and Time, The Verve.

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