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Re: Re: Tibetan Book of the Dead & Theosophy

Jan 15, 1999 04:38 AM
by Darren Porter

Comments Below

Jerry wrote:
>>(Me) :Why does HPB not reference it?
>There are several problems even more pronounced. One
>is her insistence on a past life review. Now many of us who
>have "almost" died had had such a review, including myself.
>However, although Tibetan Lamas have great details about
>the bardo or after-death state, they have absolutely no
>mention of any past-life review.  HH the Dali Lama was
>asked about this, and had no answer other than the Lamas
>have never detected such a review.
>Jerry S.

I had not read the TBOTD before my NDE so had not seeded my subconscious
with the ideas therein. Thus when I read the TBOTD afterwards I was amazed
at how it mirrored my experience (except of course in the subjective nature
of all bardo experiences which the text fully explains) - and I did not
have a past life review. But I have also read a modern text which validates
both the Eastern and Western views of death by saying that there is dual
occurence, one for the conscious mind and one for the sub-conscious mind -
depending on Karma of the current life one may experience one and be
ignorant of the other - I also think that the universe knows whether your
current death is going to be final or NDE, and you get the appropriate

We say that ISIS and the SD are the source of the esoteric science, but I
feel that they are purely exoteric. How often does she point out that there
is information that cannot be revealed except to initiates?

If you were to speak to an initiate and could ask him anything, what would
you ask to fill in the gaps in the SD?

Somethings can not be put into words and must be experienced - gnosis or
initiation - it's all the same, except that there is many so-called
initiations, or what the west refers to as epiphanies or revelations, but
these are mainly just to get you to rememebr something that you had long
forgotten. But above all the initations is the final and only true
initiation - the death and rebirth initiation. Until one has gone through
this consciously then much of the so-called esoteric facts will just not be

This is of course my own humble opion and I invite criticism.

Cheers, Namaste, G'day Mate,


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