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Re: AC & HPB

Jan 14, 1999 01:49 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> >       No more than Theosophy was. Hitler was an equal opportunity idea
> >twister, and a lot of people were fooled by the early Nazi party.
> That's a new twist.  Are you saying that Theosophy supplied the justification
> for Hitler's and the Nazi's genocide?  Where did you get that from?  Or, are
> you also in the same group of propagandists as the other Crowley lovers, black
> magic justifiers, and HPB detractors?

	Hitler took concepts from many occult groups, and twisted them based on
his concept of the Germanic peoples being the only true humans, and the
others of what we term "humanity" are really subhumans, similar to the
apes. He twisted noble ideas into horrible and evil mockeries of the
originals. Theosophy was one of the sources of those ideas, as was the

> "Universal Brotherhood" and pure "altruism" in word and deed. . .  Just the
> opposite of what both Hitler and Crowley preached.

	There were a number of early Nazi supporters in the Theosophical
Society, until the Nazi's showed their true colors.

> Besides, how could the "V" sign be a substitute for the swastika?

	I didn't say a substitute; I said it was to COUNTERACT the swastika as
a symbol.

	Bart Lidofsky

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