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Re: Response to Rich

Jan 14, 1999 01:01 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>"Thus the reader is asked to bear in mind the very important difference
>between *orthodox* Buddhism - i.e., the public teachings of Guatama the
>Buddha, and his esoteric *Budhism*."

Do you know this difference?  Actually the Theravadin teachings are
the orthodox Buddhism, and the Mahayana (at least according to
the Mahayanists) have the esoteric teachings.  There are, according
to the Tibetan schools, three such levels of Buddha's teachings. The
lowest addresses the Sutras, which is where HPB got virtually all
of her Buddhism (Olcott never got much higher than this anywhere that
I can tell).  Most of her teaching was directed toward the masses
and only her Voice contains any real esotericism.  Probably the single most
important teaching in all Buddhism is emptiness, and this HPB never
discusses. .  I will probably get flames for this, but it is my opinion
after years
of comparison work, and I would challenge anyone who disagrees to do
more than just vent their spleen and show sources.

Jerry S.

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