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RE: HPB - agent of the Mahatmas

Jan 14, 1999 09:14 AM
by Al Wilkinson

Peter's post reminded me of Dallas' posts. Nice.

>>Therefore, if I accept that HPB was an agent of the Masters then its not
so much about comparing what person "A" or "B" or "C" says compared to what
HPB said.  For me, its a question of how does what that person says stand up
with that which was given out by the Teachers of Humanity.  Does it help me
towards a better understanding? Does it help me to bring that understanding
into my life in a practical way?  Likewise the teachings of theosophy can
act as a plumb line by which the teachings of others and my own small
insights may be gauged.  And within all this each of us most develop his/her
own intuition.<<

Isn't this the same as accepting HPB words as god-sent and literal as the
Christians do the bible? What about change, progress, progressive
revelation, adding things she might have missed or not wrote about.

I do agree, I think, that having a solid foundation (maybe through
theosophy) prepares one to venture out and examine other ideas.


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