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On the I-Ching

Jan 14, 1999 09:14 AM
by Al Wilkinson

I just love how Dallas musters up references to questions, queries and
comments posted on this list. It go to prove that study is essential and

>>However, observation shows that it (in such cases at hand) it is
not 100% reliable, because the INNER EGO is not operating and
supervising the process.  Only an Advanced Adept.... <cut><<

I've had a few good answers from the "I" during crises periods (like last
week), and benefited from it. The answers it has given have elucidated the
causes which are acting upon the present. The surprising thing is that the
answer is what was already suspected. Maybe I'm an advanced adept...

As said by Dallas, it is easy to read into "answers" what we wish to see.

Thanks, Alan

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