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HPB - agent of the Mahatmas

Jan 14, 1999 06:47 AM
by Peter Merriott

Hello list members,

I'm new to the List and have been listening in over the last few weeks.  I
wanted to contribute a few thoughts re HPB and the comparisons being made
beetween her work and that of other teachings.

It seems to me important to bear in mind that HPB wasn't simply a talented
individual who happened to be around at a particular point in time to
demonstrate her knowledge and powers to the world.  HPB was, first and
foremost, an agent of the Masters and as such worked for the Occult
Brotherhood that extends throughout the world and of which those Masters
were an integral and very senior part.  The work that HPB was asked to carry
out, and the knowledge she sought to bring into the world on behalf of her
teachers was part of a plan that had been formulated many years prior to her
birth.  For we know from the Mahatmas that they had looked around for 100
years to find a suitable person on Western soil to help in the task they had
in mind.  HPB was chosen as the best available.

There can be little doubt that this was meant to be a work of huge
proportions.   We know from the Master's writings that orders were sent out
to all the Centres of the Occult Brotherhood around the world to help HPB in
her work for her Teachers.

As we know, Theosophy  was not offered as a personal vison of HPB's, a new
religion, nor yet another secret occult society, but rather as gems from
*the* Wisdom Religion that is at the source of all genuine Wisdom religions
and esoteric traditions throughout the world and history.

Nor was Theosophy offered as the theoretical side to practical occultism.
HPB and her Teachers stressed time and time again that Theosophy is
practical brotherhood, a brotherhood which reflects an understanding of
Universal Law and the fundamental identity of all souls with the One
Universal Oversoul.   Thus a true Theosophist is someone who lives that
understanding unswervingly throughout his/her life.  The teachings of
Theosphy are food for the Soul that aspires to such a life.

On behalf of her Teachers HPB stressed over and over again that one had
first to become a Theosophist before approaching practical Occultism if one
would not become a danger and a menace (albeit an unconscious one in some
cases) on the inner planes to humanity at large.

If we keep in mind that HPB was an agent for her Teachers this may help us
with some of our reflections.  For example, it doesn't hold up to suggest
that HPB simply held Victorian attitudes about morals which we can therefore
discount 100 years later.  The moral life set forth by HPB and her Teachers
was given out as that life required by all genuine Occult Fraternities of
the Right Hand path throughout the ages.

The Mahatmas KH & M confirm that the Secret Doctrine is not simply something
written by HPB but was the "triple prduction" of all three of them.  Given
that so many  estoteric traidions are drawn upon in that work to illustrate
and substantiate various aspects of the teachings it is interesting what is
and isn't included in it.  For example, there doesn't seem to be any
reference to the Tibetan Book of the Dead in those volumes, nor I believe in
any other of HPB's major works.  But is it really likely that between HPB
and the Masters they simply hadn't heard of it?

In every age there are individuals of various degress of talent and occult
insight that are able, through their own effort, to take a glimpse behind
the Veil of Isis and share with us something of the vision they bring back,
and the powers that they have gained.  Such individuals may be able to offer
some new way of understanding the Wisdom Tradition or perhaps they set up
their own schools etc.  Some such individuals may make a genuine
contribution to humanity at large while others by the indiscrimate handing
out of practical teachings and esoteric instruction may be more of a curse
than a blessing on their fellows.  Each of us has to use our own intuition
to separate the wheat from the chaff amongst such individuals.  However, I
believe we do need to distinguish such people and their  insights from those
individuals such as HPB who were chosen, trained and used as agents by the
great Teachers and Guardians of Humanity.

Therefore, if I accept that HPB was an agent of the Masters then its not so
much about comparing what person "A" or "B" or "C" says compared to what HPB
said.  For me, its a question of how does what that person says stand up
with that which was given out by the Teachers of Humanity.  Does it help me
towards a better understanding? Does it help me to bring that understanding
into my life in a practical way?  Likewise the teachings of theosophy can
act as a plumb line by which the teachings of others and my own small
insights may be gauged.  And within all this each of us most develop his/her
own intuition.

We do know that in the production of Isis Unveiled mistakes were made. A
publised book is not an infallible source.  However, when we are studying
the Secret Doctrine or any of the major teachings given out by the Mahatmas
through HPB we need to be cautious about accepting those things we want to
believe in whilst dismissing propositions that don't fit in with our own way
of thinking, beliefs and /or current life style. This still leaves plenty of
room for an open mind that can question and explore the real meaning behind
the written word.

Apologies for the length of post.

Best  wishes,


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