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RE: HPB/I-Ching

Jan 14, 1999 06:00 AM
by Al Wilkinson

Darren, thanks for the excerpt. And I only thought the I Ching was a cool
prediction too <g>. I'll check out the web site, and try to buy the book.

Thanks, Alan

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> >A big change of subject: Anyone any ideas on the I-Ching? I'm
> not trying to
> >take the subject off Theosophy but rather learn more. As
> Theosophy gives a
> >means of life (does it?) then I feel that all aspects should be examined.
> Al,
> Have you read 'The Invisible Landscape - mind, hallucinogens and the I
> Ching" by Terrence and Dennis McKenna ?
> Here is an excerpt (p121):
> "The discussion now moves from the methodological and philosophical bases
> of our experiment to a rather formal exposition of the calendrical
> potentials offered by the structure of the sequence of the hexagrams used
> in the class Chinese divinatory system, the I Ching. This concern may
> appear to be far removed from the molecular basis of Amazonian shamanic
> trance, but in fact divination is the especial pregrogative of the shaman,
> whatever the cultural context. It is one of the major signs of a shaman's
> command of a superhuman condition. the three thousand year old King Wen
> sequence of the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching is among the oldest
> structures abstractions extant, yet the nature of the ordering principles
> preserved in that seqquence remains unelucidated. The I Ching is a
> mathematical divinitory tool of great age whose probable origin is in the
> mountainous heart of Asia - the home of classical shamansim and Taoist
> Magic - it is a centrally important part of humanity's shamanic heritage
> that is rich in complications.....
> ....The I Ching, through its concern with detailing the dynamics of change
> and process, may hold the key to modeling the temporal dimension that
> metabolism creates for organisms, the temporal dimension without
> which mind
> could not manifest"
> Terrence Mckenna has tied in I Ching, Fractal Geometry and the concept of
> Novelty/Habit into a theory called the Timewave. For those
> interested check
> out his website at:



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