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Re: AC & HPB

Jan 13, 1999 07:36 PM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/14/99 1:57:01 AM, writes:

>Ah, so Leon doesn't know everything. I suggest you look into who REALLY
>designed the great seal of the USA. One Esoteric Clue........spartacus.

I actually said, the "REVERSE of the Geat Seal" (which is on the left side of
the backside of the Dollar Bill.)
>"There is No Religion Higher than Truth"
>Motto of the Theosophical Society

Actually that was a motto of HPB, "Satyat Nasti Paro Dharma", which she said
was the motto of some Indian Rajah (I don't rememeber who that was, but maybe
someone else may know and enlighten us).

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