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RE: AC/HPB/I-Ching

Jan 13, 1999 06:26 PM
by Darren Porter

>A big change of subject: Anyone any ideas on the I-Ching? I'm not trying to
>take the subject off Theosophy but rather learn more. As Theosophy gives a
>means of life (does it?) then I feel that all aspects should be examined.


Have you read 'The Invisible Landscape - mind, hallucinogens and the I
Ching" by Terrence and Dennis McKenna ?

Here is an excerpt (p121):

"The discussion now moves from the methodological and philosophical bases
of our experiment to a rather formal exposition of the calendrical
potentials offered by the structure of the sequence of the hexagrams used
in the class Chinese divinatory system, the I Ching. This concern may
appear to be far removed from the molecular basis of Amazonian shamanic
trance, but in fact divination is the especial pregrogative of the shaman,
whatever the cultural context. It is one of the major signs of a shaman's
command of a superhuman condition. the three thousand year old King Wen
sequence of the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching is among the oldest
structures abstractions extant, yet the nature of the ordering principles
preserved in that seqquence remains unelucidated. The I Ching is a
mathematical divinitory tool of great age whose probable origin is in the
mountainous heart of Asia - the home of classical shamansim and Taoist
Magic - it is a centrally important part of humanity's shamanic heritage
that is rich in complications.....
....The I Ching, through its concern with detailing the dynamics of change
and process, may hold the key to modeling the temporal dimension that
metabolism creates for organisms, the temporal dimension without which mind
could not manifest"

Terrence Mckenna has tied in I Ching, Fractal Geometry and the concept of
Novelty/Habit into a theory called the Timewave. For those interested check
out his website at:



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