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RE: AC/HPB/I-Ching

Jan 13, 1999 09:08 AM
by Al Wilkinson

> Studying Blavatsky is like eating good food.  Studying Crowley is
> like eating
> yucky food.

Agreed, Rich. I've been listening to the comments posted about A.C. and
reflected upon my previous views and posts. I figured that I'm not in a
stable position to judge Theosophy with Thelema. Like you, I find it more
light 'n bright reading theosophy. But I wonder if this was because it
presents a secure "pen", a bit like Christianity did.

A big change of subject: Anyone any ideas on the I-Ching? I'm not trying to
take the subject off Theosophy but rather learn more. As Theosophy gives a
means of life (does it?) then I feel that all aspects should be examined.

Leon, sorry for the recent stab. You seem knowledgeable but rather
condemning to others who differ from your views.


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