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RE: AC/HPB -- "Black Magic"

Jan 13, 1999 09:05 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Jan 13th 1999

Dallas offers:

KUNDALINI SAKTI is described in SD I 292-3,  VOICE footnotes on
page 10 and 13;  THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, p. 182,  13 (Akasa), 330
(See Isis I xlii-iii, 368-9); 10 (Agni Dhatu Samadhi).

As far as I can determine KUNDALINI has not been related to
sexual or creative action on this the physical gross-matter
plane, unless it has been debased by promiscuity.

But perhaps someone has some reference that clarifies this
better.  If so please advise me.
I would be grateful to know of it.

As far as I know some of the TANTRAS are full of descriptions and
directions - but are they accurate?  Are they designed to
obscure, and act as "blinds?"

I do not think that a literal translation of any oriental text is
ever accurate to the point of spiritualizing meanings, and the
transmutation (from literal writings to universal understanding)
has to be done in one's own mind and under the direction of the
interior INITIATOR:  the HIGHER SELF (ATMA-BUDDHI), as a result
of long and deep study, -  one in which the whole of the Esoteric
Philosophy is grasped and at hand for the SPIRITUAL WILL to use.

And that is what I understand that true INITIATION means - there
is no sudden gift, nor can any lessons for money, ever give the
real meaning of these things.

The disciple under the guidance of a True Teacher, with every
moral faculty fully developed can alone be trusted to Initiate
himself.  In this sense all the 7 Saktis are combined into their
synthetic SEVENTH (not described) and the transformation is
interior, as suggested in THE ELIXIR OF LIFE, [ FIVE YEARS OF



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