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Re: AC & HPB

Jan 13, 1999 02:11 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/13/99 2:21:15 AM, writes:

> wrote:
>> As Jerry's defense of Crowley is the typical "black magicians" viewpoint,
>> nothing but propaganda to whitewash the leader of a "sexual magic" teaching
>> and practicing organization whose roots were, in fact, the foundation
>> of Nazi occultism and supplied the justification for their genocide.
>	No more than Theosophy was. Hitler was an equal opportunity idea
>twister, and a lot of people were fooled by the early Nazi party.

That's a new twist.  Are you saying that Theosophy supplied the justification
for Hitler's and the Nazi's genocide?  Where did you get that from?  Or, are
you also in the same group of propagandists as the other Crowley lovers, black
magic justifiers, and HPB detractors?. . . None of whom realize that theosophy
is not the sciences, philosophies or religions discussed in the "Secret
Doctrine", but the "synthesis" of the "roots" of all of them based on the Book
of Dzyan and the three fundamental principles--all of which leads to
"Universal Brotherhood" and pure "altruism" in word and deed. . .  Just the
opposite of what both Hitler and Crowley preached.
>	When Winston Churchill wanted to create a symbol for England to
>counteract the power of the Nazi Swastik, he went to Aleister Crowley,
>who came up with the "V" symbol.

What kind of baloney is that?  Did you just make it up, or could you have
picked it up from one of Crowley's (who was on the British subversive lists
when the War broke out) sycophant biographers?  As far as I know, the "V"
symbol was simply the initial of the word "Victory", and the expressive sign
was reinvented by Churchill himself when, in a speech during the "Battle of
Britain", he put up his fingers in the "V" sign and said "let's make it Vee
for Victory".  Crowley couldn't teach Churchill anything about how to inspire
people to help each other in a desperate situation.

Besides, how could the "V" sign be a substitute for the swastika?  (If
anything, and judging by it's use as a hand signal, it could only have
substituted for the Nazi's "Heil Hitler" salute--although that wouldn't make
much sense.)  The "British Bulldog" wrapped in the UK flag and it's starred
cross was enough of a power "symbol" to counteract the Nazi swastika.  I think
the "V" (for Victory) sign (not symbol) was first used during the American
revolution by George Washington, and was also the obvious sign we all used
during the '60's civil rights movement.  It is never the sign or symbol that
inspires a movement or an action, but it's the motive and understandings of
the leaders of such a movement that inspires the sign or symbol.  Vide, the
symbol of the TS designed by HPB, the swastika designed by Hitler, the O.T.O.
and A.'.A.'. symbols designed by Crowley, the U.S flag designed by George
Washington (I think), and the reverse of the Great Seal of the U.S. designed
by Tom Payne with the help of Tom Jefferson.


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