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Jan 13, 1999 00:57 AM
by Leon Maurer

In a message dated 1/13/99 2:13:34 AM, writes:

>	Can you please define certain terms you have been throwing around:

Sure, as I was taught them without referring to any particular dictionary

>	1) Black Magic

The practice of magic through the use of the lower kundalini (sexual) energies
for motives of selfish phenomenalization or to control and/or cause harm to
others. . .  As opposed to white magic that uses the higher consciousness and
mental energies solely for unselfish, altruistic or benevolent purposes.

It's a fact (known to all practicing magicians) that the use of the lower
energies for causing selfish psychic or physicalized phenomena requires the
drawing and focusing of such energy from or through the "medium" of another
person or persons (to avoid energy depletion of the magician or the burning
out of his own astral nerve channels).   Consequently, black magic is a form
of astral vampirism that inevitably causes harm to others, and is, therefore,
consummately evil.

So called "spiritualist mediums" who "speak with the dead" are, in a sense,
unknowingly practicing a form of "black magic" vampirism--causing varying
degrees of astral (and ultimately physical), as well as psychic damage to both
themselves and their seance partners.

>    2) Sexual Depravity  (I don't remember "throwing around" this term.)

The practice of sexual magic.  e.g. The use of Tantric sexual practices to
raise Kundalini energy for purposes of black magic.  This phrase also includes
the practice of rape and other forms of sexual molestation or harassment for
personal gratification at the expense of (harm) to another--physically or

It does NOT refer to any forms of consensual or onanistic sexual practices for
purposes of self or mutual gratification, or reproduction. . . Although, so I
have been told, one cannot achieve sattva, or complete spiritual awakening,
without total celibacy. i.e. Total detachment or "isolation" from both pain
and pleasure, and the elimination of all physical or sensory "passions"
(attractions and aversions).

>	3) Necromancy (I don't remember "throwing around" this word either.)

The practice of Black magic which utilizes through a "medium" the energies of
the lower nature (astral or emotional), and in some cases, the astral or
"kamalocal" remains of the recent dead.


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